EA announced that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will no longer hit its original release date on February 23rd next year. Instead Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will take a few more months to polish and will hit stores on May 24th. This also pushes Mirror’s Edge away from Deus Ex: Mankind and Far Cry Primal which are both slated for February 23rd. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a prequel of sorts and will follow the protagonist, Faith, setting the stage for the original game.

EA released a statement from producer Sara Jansson,”Years ago, we set out an ambitious vision for Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst. Achieving that vision and delivering the best possible experience is equally inspiring and challenging. And it takes time. We set out to create a vast city to explore, full of stunning vistas, majestic skyscrapers, and mysterious tunnels. We’re building the most immersive action-adventure game with fluid movement and combat in first person… So we’ve made the decision to bring Mirror’s Edge to the world starting May 24, 2016. We will use these few extra months to make sure that when you step into the massive City of Glass and experience the rise of Faith, it’s as entertaining, impressive, and memorable as it can be.”

Game delays are never fun, but often result in a better end product. Thankfully we will only have to wait a little while before we are jumping from building to building as the nimble Faith. Let us know how excited you are for a new Mirror’s Edge and keep check New Gamer Nation for all your updates on game delays and more.

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