David Cage, the creative mind behind Heavy Rain, took stage at Sony’s press event during Paris Games Week and announced a brand new story. Detroit: Become Human was officially announced and featured a familiar android from a few years ago. Kara was a tech demo released in 2012, while many speculated it may be a full game that rumor never came true. Quantic Dream released Beyond: Two Souls and Kara was put in the rear view mirror.

Detroit: Become Human will follow Kara in a future where androids are poorly treated, yet Kara has managed to escape that fate and blend in with the population. Quantic Dream is known for their story telling and unique take on video games. While some were disappointed in Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain was critically acclaimed for its story and clever gameplay. Not much is known about Detroit: Become Human, but if Quantic Dream can recapture the magic that Heavy Rain had then I am on board day one. Check out the trailer below.

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