The story of Star Wars Battlefront 3’s development is almost as long and heartbreaking as Episode 7’s.  Thankfully, there’s a happy ending for both game and film, and it’s about to get even happier.  Making Star Wars has published a long list of awesome, unconfirmed details about DICE’s upcoming Star Wars Battlefront reboot.

Highlights here include 64-player multiplayer (32 versus 32, a DICE mainstay), a campaign spanning the entire seven movies, a “hero” system, and land-to-space battles. Fans of the second Battlefront will fondly remember its hero system, where players on killstreaks got the option to join the fray as one of Star Wars’ iconic characters.

Additionally, Battlefront is rumored to tie-in with Episode 7, and the last few campaign levels allegedly take place during the opening of The Force Awakens.  It is confirmed that Battlefront will be released about a month before Episode 7, so this isn’t too far-fetched.

Rounding out the list, there will supposedly be an “extremely aggressive” DLC model, with up to five themed DLC packs.  These packs will include three maps each, along with new hero characters and new vehicles.  Looking at the current state of the industry, this also isn’t too hard to believe.

Again, all of these details are just rumors and very few details have been confirmed by EA and/or DICE.  What is confirmed is a holiday 2015 release and that the planet Hoth will be playable in some form.  Everything else is speculation.

Expect more details and some possible gameplay at E3 2015 this June.

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