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Feature: NGN Weekly News Roundup 5/25/12


 Hey Everyone,

This week was quite a bit busier than last week as we quickly approach E3. Let’s look back at all the content that went live on the site this week. If you had any favorites let us know and we’ll be sure to cover those more extensively. We are working on a number of items for next week so stay tuned and enjoy!

Monday News – May 21st, 2012:

News: Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed Until February 2013
News: Far Cry 3 Gameplay Trailers Surface
News: EA wants Kickstarter games on Origin
News: Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Edition Packshots released
News: Metal Gear Solid HD for Vita gets release date
News: Mortal Kombat Vita Tips and Tricks Video Released
News: Ghost Recon Future Soldier Tech Trailer Released

Tuesday News – May 22nd, 2012: 

News: Devil May Cry Reboot Gets a Release Date
News: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Information Released
News: Tragnarion Studios Announces Scourge: Outbreak
News: Uncharted & Uncharted 2 Find Their Way to the PSN
News: Sorcery Releases a Launch Trailer
News: Deep Silver Announces Dead Island Game of the Year Edition
News: Forza 4 Now Includes Porsche Line of Cars
News: SOE Announces New First Person Shooter
News: Saints Row The Third DLC Announced
News: Super Monkeyball Banana Splitz Announced for the PS Vita

Wednesday News – May 23rd, 2012:

News: Take Two Could End MLB 2K12 Series
News: Possible Ban of Xbox 360 in US? Could Happen
News: Ubisoft Reveals UK Collectors Editor for Far Cry 3

News: Walking Dead Gets a Behind the Scenes Look
News: Diablo 3 Sets Sales Records
News: Sony Releases Lots of Screenshots for Resistance: Burning Skies
News: Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Edition Announced
News: PSN Network Down Thursday
News: Max Payne 3 PC Set For Simultaneous Worldwide Release

News: Heroes & Generals Enters Closed Beta
News: Peter Molyneux Gives Early E3 Thoughts

Thursday News – May 24th, 2012:

News: CM Punk To Be Cover Star Of WWE ’13?
News: Total War Shogun 2 Releases Official Map Editor
News: Jurassic Park The Game Episode 4 Screenshots Released

News: Dark Teaser Trailer Released by Kalypso
News: ARMA 3 Lighting Showcase Trailer
News: GameFly Going Mobile
News: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad GOTY Trailer
News: Box Art Released For Metro: Last Light
News: 38 Studios Closed

Friday News – May 25th, 2012: 

News: Harry Potter Kinect Coming Soon
News: Max Payne 3 PC Minimum Specs
News: Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Soundtrack

News: Konami Teases Fans With a Possible Castlevania Announcement
News: Demon Souls Servers to Stay Up After All

Features, Reviews, Previews and Other Articles:

Review: Awesomenauts
Review: Max Payne 3
Review: Dead Hungry Diner
Review: Diablo 3

Feature: Top 5 Worst 2011 E3 Moments

Interview: 2Dawn Games on Ravaged

As you can see it was busy this week. We hope you enjoyed and be sure to stay tuned for more news, reviews and more. See you next week!



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