First, EA releases an indie bundle on Steam for some arbitrary reason, then EA removed the official servers from Battlefield 3, where will it end? Well, it appears that EA is pushing to be friends with the indie developers by offering to distribute any Kickstarter game free for the first 90 days, and interestingly enough they have already grabbed their first game. Wasteland 2.

Steam has been built up as a great platform to deliver indie games on and with EA’s history along with the stigma of the PC gaming community we don’t know how well it will do.

To be fair to EA this is a kind gesture and supporting the indie community is a good move especially if it means for a short time the developers can get 100% of the profits, at the most profitable time for an indie game. There are so many other ways that someone can distribute a game that this might be pointless, not to mention that the developers might want to carefully read the ToS incase they are signing over their game.

Well at least we backed Wasteland 2 so we can get a sweet, sweet, sweet DRM free copy of the game.

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