Peter Molyneux, the former head of Lionhead Studios, will provide his analysis on the Electronic Entertainment Expo along with Geoff Keighley, and a few of Kotaku editors on Spike TV’s coverage of the event.

However in a series of emails sent between Molyneux, Keighley, and Kotaku Editor Stephen Totilo, Molyneux shared some insight to what he looks forward to, as well as some thoughts of the industry. What’s interesting about the first response Molyneux sent was his view on Nintendo calling them lackluster, and even questioning whether or not E3 is going to be outdated, and whether it has already become that. He also states he’s excited about Grand Theft Auto V and what Valve will reveal.

Here are his thoughts:

Sony and Msft are holding their breath on next gen interesting to see how they pad out another year. Price cuts, form factors?

Nintendo’s slightly lack lustre Wii U is going to have to blow us away with better specs and great 1st party line up.

The real challenge is how the players are going to adapt to the mounting pressure of Facebook, Apple, Social, Cloud, Multi-Gaming.

Is the biggest news that E3 itself runs the risk of being outdated, or perhaps it already is?

I guess I am excited about GTA V, but only in a mildly curious way.

I am excited, as always, to hear from Valve.

I would expect some announcement from Bungie

God only knows what COD will have to destroy in the Press briefing demo, after last year’s destruction of NY.

So do you agree with Molyneux here? What else are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned to New Gamer Nation for our insight and coverage of the event, which is now, as of press time, less than two weeks away. Get excited citizens of New Gamer Nation, E3 is coming.

Source: Kotaku

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