I’m sure by now you are familiar with Kickstarter, allowing games developers to gain funding without needing to find a publisher, giving them complete creative freedom. Well, recently we had the opportunity to ask 2Dawn Games some questions about their upcoming game Ravaged. With some help from a Kickstarter fund, they have earned enough money to help add some new features and promote their game. This is just one example of a developer utilizing Kickstarter to successfully start and fund a project. So now we hand it over to Mitch from 2Dawn games to tell just a little bit about Ravaged.

NGN: For people who haven’t heard of Ravaged, could you give us an overview of what kind of game it is?

2Dawn: Ravaged is a very fast-paced FPS that take place in a post-apocalyptic environment focusing on advanced teamwork and vehicular combat. This isn’t to say that Ravaged is vehicles only, just that you’ll love our toys!

NGN: What made you want to start a Kickstarter for the game?

2Dawn: We wanted to gauge interest and see how much money we could bring in to help us accomplish some new goals we would not have been able to accomplish until far after the game was released. Another challenge for a developer team without publisher support is marketing and utilizing Kickstarter seemed like the perfect way to reach a great community of indie game supporters.

NGN: What influences would you say have contributed to the development of Ravaged?

2Dawn: I would say our main influences are old school PC shooters with a little new age twist. To be quite frank we are tired of all the shiny bullshit and just want to bring back the old school mentality of PC shooters, kill or be killed. Fast-paced gameplay that’s straight-forward and skill-oriented. There’s nothing to save you other than to get better!

NGN: What are your plans for post-launch support and DLC?

2Dawn: We want to continue to put out DLC, this includes new maps, vehicles, weapons, characters and even game play modes. We want to keep Ravaged around for a long time! While we can’t really give you a timeline for DLC, we can say that as long as we get funding, we will continue to work our asses off to make this game as great as it can be. We are listening to community feedback for new features and have set up and Ideascale site for people to post and vote on their ideas –

NGN: What separates Ravaged from similar games in the same genre?

2Dawn: Ravaged focuses on fun: vehicles are fun to drive, crazy melee combat, fast-paced mayhem and cool characters. The game also has great new game modes and both vehicles and weapons require skill to use. Tactics are required: many levels feature capture the resources game modes which require both teamwork and planning. Levels have great depth and places to climb and hide and are based on what-if scenarios like snowed-in cities, dried-up oceans and more.

NGN: When will the game be out and where can people buy it?

2Dawn: We’re shooting to release Ravaged sometime in Summer 2012 on Steam as well as OnLive (watch for the official announcement this week) and you will be able to pre-order it soon on Steam!

We hope you enjoyed the interview and are excited about Ravaged as much as we are. Also we’d like to thank 2Dawn games for taking time out of their hectic schedule to have a chat with us. If you’d like to find out more about 2Dawn and their game head over to their website here 


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