Kieji Inafune the creator of Mega Man and more recently Mighty Number 9 has run into some trouble with his recent Kickstarter. Following his success with Mighty Number 9 he decided to launch a campaign for Red Ash. Red Ash is the spiritual successor to the Mega Man Legends series, which fans have been clamoring for.

Despite being well under it’s goal of $800,000 Red Ash will hit the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This is all thanks the the mysterious Chinese company Fuze Entertainment who are funding the project. Fuze seems to be making a console of some sort, but details are extremely cloudy much like the Red Ash Kickstarter that left backers in confusion. After being funded Comcept, the developers behind Red Ash, stated that the money will only be used towards stretch goals, which details were not given. Backers have even started to pull their pledges and the funding goal has steadily declined throughout the day.

Despite all this commotion Red Ash will see the light of day in some form. It’s still unclear if it will be a full game or a prologue to something bigger. This is whole debacle leaves a bad taste in my mouth and seems a bit unsavory. Did you back the Red Ash Kickstarter? Are you going to pull your pledge as a matter of principle? Let us know in the comments below.

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