First of all, on behalf of PCS and I, we would like to thank you all for following our coverage of PAX East 2012. Though the coverage was cut short due to the show overlapping with Easter Sunday, we think we gave everyone a pretty good idea of what was new and exciting at this year’s show. This was the first major event covered by New Gamer Nation, so if you have any comments about what we could have done better or differently, please let us know in the comments below.

Though this was the first PAX covered by NGN, it wasn’t my first PAX East event. I can say that this PAX was even bigger and more exciting than last year. There were definitely more people, and I’d even argue there were more things to see. If anything is to be learned from PAX East 2012, it is that the video game community is strong and growing more popular here in the Northeastern US. This event is important since all the major events are held on the west coast, so to have such a big, well-attended show on the east coast is impressive.

From the show floor itself, we learned about a lot of great games coming out this year. There are so many great titles that both continue storied franchises and start new ones. Whether you prefer a shooter like Max Payne 3, a first person shooter like Borderlands 2 or Far Cry 3, a headlining action title like Assassin’s Creed 3 or a quirky Japanese style beat-em-up like Lollipop Chainsaw, there was much to appreciate. Luckily, there were other games there besides triple-A blockbusters. If you prefer mobile gaming, you should take a look at Ash & Ash 2. Perhaps you wanted to take a closer look at some new gaming audio accessories like something from Turtle Beach or Plantronics. Of course, there is always the table top gaming side of the show.

PAX really celebrates gaming as a whole, and it manages to connect fans and developers in a way that few shows do. We heard from a number of developers that PAX is the show they most enjoy attending. Sure the Games Developers Conference connects publishers and developers together, and of course, there is E3, but E3 is very inaccessible to the public with stringent demands on smaller media outlets and a very expensive general pass. Then there is PAX which connects the public directly to the games they love for an affordable price. There is something special about that, and NGN could not have been happier to cover and support PAX.

Both PCS and I had a great time bringing you the updates from the show, and we hope that you enjoyed the coverage as much as we enjoyed providing it to you. We fully intend on covering PAX East and other shows extensively in the future. Thank you to the board at PAX for inviting us to the event and all the developers and individuals we spoke to who graciously gave us their time.


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  • I loved the interviews, the featured games, especially when Rockstar mentioned the site, and everything showcased…Maybe next year along with this stuff you guys can post some pictures of the cosplayers