As our coverage of PAX East 2012 comes to an end I wanted to take the time to share my Top 5 thoughts of PAX.  This being my first trip to PAX or any large video game conference, I was in awe with what I saw.

5.  Mountain Dew Code Red – The unofficial gamers’ fuel was everywhere.  Every food area and vending machine was stocked with enough code red to quench every citizen in the city of Boston.  As a diet soda only drinker I was forced to indulge and enjoy a hardy ice cold red beverage.

4.  PAX not out to make you money – Yes, it costs money to go to PAX.  Yes, the food was way too expensive, but I blame that on the convention center and not PAX itself.  Only $60.00 for a three day pass?  Not bad at all.  I was expecting every booth to have some sort of game souvenir available to purchase.  I thought there would be lame chotchkie’s everywhere for purchase, but that was not the case.  There were some areas selling T-shirts and old video games but it was on a small scale.  Everyone person at the individuals booths were just happy to tell you about their upcoming release.  I spent none of my disposable income on any worthless impulse items.

3. Costumes were abound – There were a ton of great and not so great costumes at PAX.  As a huge fan of Mirrors Edge, it was great to see a person dressed perfectly as Faith Connors. NGN saw some other great costumes.  I can’t believe people had the strength to carry props all day.  A person in full chain mail carrying a shield.  Yeah, that could not have been fun 5 hours in.  All in all it was great to see so many hard core fans out there.

2. These are must play games – In no particular order.  Be sure to check out our previous articles and impressions of these games to get more information.

Witcher 2

Ash 2

Civilization Gods and Kings

Max Payne 3

Assassins Creed 3

Lollipop Chainsaw 

1. Nerds are everywhere – All my life I have been called a nerd.  It really never bothered me.  You are who you are, but finally I felt like I was home.  All my nerd brothers and sisters where there.  Thank you for your hospitality.

Finally, what a great event.  I would like to take the chance to thank every person that we spoke with.  The passion you bring to your games is the same passion we bring to our followers.  If you ever have the chance to attend PAX East or PAX Prime, I definitely recommend it.  I had a blast.  Was anyone else there?  Let me know your thoughts below.

  • Playing Ash 2 right now on my iphone. =)