Anyone that knows about gaming headsets know that if you want a quality product, you go to Turtle Beach. That is why we knew we had to sit down with Jeff Burchett to see what Turtle Beach was bringing to the show. To listen to the live interview simply click play otherwise please refer to the transcript below.


NGN – This is Joe from New Gamer Nation here with the Turtle Beach people, now why don’t you let know know what you have here at the show?

JB – We have a ton of stuff here at the show. We are actually demoing four of our wireless headsets which is pretty exciting. One thing that I would like to point out is these are wireless headsets that we are demoing on the floor of PAX East where your cell phone probably doesn’t work but the headsets work fine. So we have the X32, the X42, the XP300, the XP400, we’ve also got a short line of mobile headsets that we are showing here at the show.

NGN – Can you tell me more about the mobile headsets? Are they designed for mobile gaming?

JB – The are designed for mobile gaming and mobile phones. This is our M5. It is an over the ear mobile headset. It features a four port connection so you can use it with something like an iPad, iPhone whatever. It also got the multifunction button so you can hang up on people when the get annoying. You can stop your music, whatever. Its got 40mms drivers, super, super lightweight, folds like this so you can rest it around your shoulders if you want to take it off for a minute. Why you would, I don’t know but you could. Sounds fantastic.

NGN – What has been the feedback today from your customers?

JB – It has been universally positive. People walk up and they put on a wireless headset and it works on the show floor and they are, for the most part, blown away that it works on a show floor. So its pretty cool to see that reaction from people.

NGN – For someone that hasn’t bought a headset yet why would they go to your product, what would you tell them?

JB – Ok so there are a few things. The story that we want people to understand is, playing with a headset is better than not playing with a headset. You go out and you spend a zillion dollars on a tv, and its huge, and its awesome and it looks beautiful, and it has speakers in it that cost about 4 cents each and they sound awful. Now you could go out and buy a 10,000 dollar surround sound system and you can pay someone to configure it properly and let them drill the holes in your walls so they can measure the density of the walls. They can measure your furniture and they can give you a little tiny box in which you can sit and that would be your sweet spot. That would be about 10,000 dollars or you can spend about 200 bucks on a headset that would sound just as good and you can walk around the house with it and not be the only person that could sit in that sweet spot. So that is number one , headsets are awesome in general they make your game better. We have 37 years of audio experience, we’ve been around since 1975. The average person in this category has about 37 months of audio experience and we have never done anything but audio, its all we do now. We literally only make gaming headsets, other companies that make headsets its a side line. They make mouse / keyboard products, they make controllers, they make all sorts of stuff and headsets are just this other thing they do to make some more money. This is all we do, and we do it really, really well. So we have the features that our competitors do not have. We have sound quality that is absolutely unparalleled in gaming and we know the space really well.

NGN – What is the difference between your regular headsets and your Modern Warfare branded headsets?

JB – So the Modern Warfare 3 headsets were developed in conjunction with Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward and Activision. Some of them, for instance like the Delta actually have voice prompts on them so they speak to you and talk to you in the voices of game characters. They have presets that were designed by the audio teams there. They come with some exclusive downloadable content and they feature really cool Modern Warfare 3 branding. The two top end ones the Bravo and the Delta also come in really slick cases. It is upfitting on them, a few basic changes from the standard models.

NGN – Do you guys have any specials going on for PAX?

JB – We have some pretty sick specials going on for PAX. We are offering 20% off on all of our product line that we have here whats not sold out because people have come by like crazy and bought it all up. We are also running social media flash sales so anybody that follows us on Turtle Beach Twitter and Facebook, can actually, if they are here at the show, they can retweet or share something that we put up and get up to 35% off on some of the products.

NGN – So that is @TurtleBeach?

JB – Yep @TurtleBeach on Twitter and

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