Konami as we now it seems to be no longer. In a recent interview the CEO, Hideki Hayakawa stated, “Our main platform will be mobiles. Following the pay-as-you-play model of games like Power pro and Winning Eleven with additional content, our games must move from selling things like “items” to selling things like “features.”

The news comes by way of a NeoGaf user who translated an interview on  Nikkei trendy net. The CEO also claimed,” Mobile is where the future of gaming lies”. Konami only released 3 new games to consoles in 2014, which seemed like foreshadowing for the future. With the cancellation of Silent Hills and the P.T. debacle it all seems to line up. Metal Gear Solid V looks like it will be the last of their console published games. Hopefully some of their great franchises will live on through other means.

What are some of your favorites Konami games? Do you think this is the right move?

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  • moseyo tam

    there goes the end of konami. i will always think of you who introduced games to me like CONTRA, SALAMANDER/LIFE FORCE, GRADIUS, castlevania…. R>I>P konami. going to mobile games doesnt sound logical at all.