We all know that few games have as strong or as passionate a fan base as the Call of Duty franchise.  We also know the kind of reaction Activision got when rumors spread of COD going to a pay model.  So the people at Activision have created Call of Duty Elite which gives people more control over their experiences with their games and it gives you some pretty interesting and powerful tools to make you a better player.  They haven’t released any details as far as which features are paid and which are free but its safe to assume that almost everything worth having will be paid.  So you say you aren’t going to pay for this?  We beg to differ and here is why.

5. Access to Map Packs for free – Remember when you complained and flamed the forums because you had to lay out $14.99 per pack of 3 new multiplayer maps?  Well now with COD Elite you get them for free and you’ll justify the expense by saying you’d buy the map packs as stand alone items for $14.99 each anyways so you’d be saving money by going elite.

4. You liked the ability to tighten up your game with Improve – Remember when you were throwing your controller against the wall at 3am on a work night because the kids on summer vacation were owning you at Modern Warfare 2?  Well now you can get yourself an edge against the financially challenged kids by paying for Call of Duty Elite.  Now you’ll see exactly where all the good sniping positions are, where most people get killed and what the best players are using.  Go get em Tiger.

3. You are a stat head and you need your Stats with Career – Let’s admit, as part of the first step of recovery, that you love looking at your stats.  When you are sitting at work or school in front of that computer, you are thinking about Call of Duty and you want to see how last nights 30-5-0 match effected your overall K/D ratio.  You also can’t wait so see your forum signature update with the latest rank insignia, I know you want this, it is okay.

2. You can’t help but rub your COD success in your friends faces with Connect – The only thing more important to you than bathing is making sure that you have the best K/D ratio and the most kills on your team.  Well now COD Elite will give you the ability to track your career against the careers of your friends setting up the battle royale you’ve always wanted.  Now you don’t have to take any guff from your friends if you aren’t the overall leader in a game, now it’s all about who has the best career.  Good luck spending your free time on anything else, you’ll need it.

1. You are ultra competitive when it comes to your games and you need Compete – Why stop at owning your friends in career mode when you can own the entire universe at COD.  Now with COD Elite you can record and share your favorite moments in your COD games.  Remember that time you got a head shot with the tactical knife across the map?  Now you can prove you are a COD beast.  Think you are the best out there?  Well now you can compete against anyone and everyone for cash and prizes and that will get you all the babes and beef jerky you’ve ever dreamed of.

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  • Spencer

    Here are the 5 reasons I won’t be a member of CoD Elite

    5) No Gravity.
    4) Average sound quality.
    3) Ice skating character movement
    2) Boring game play…everyone plays deathmatch when the game is not deathmatch
    1) All things Battlefield…let me be more specific, Battlefield 3

    CoD makes me so angry…even on your website.

    • Pilot

      Well this was done tongue in cheek and really written for all those people that just play Call of Duty and nothing else. Frankly I’m way, way more excited for Battlefield 3 than I ever will for any Call of Duty game so I feel your pain. Unfortunately people are going to buy this regardless of whether or not there are better games out there, case and point. If they really cared they would know that BFBC2 give you similar service for free and Halo does an excellent job for free as well.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/DSB_IV Super Sanchez Bros

    Tongue in cheek or not, those are still the reasons Activision, and the Call of Duty people are banking on people joining. It’s almost like a paid version of Rockstar’s community page, and how many people are with Rockstar’s community?