Much has been made of the news that Nintendo will not participate in a major Electronic Entertainment Expo conference this year. Many people (myself included) see this as Nintendo conceding defeat to Microsoft and Sony, both of whom are expected to show off more of their next generation consoles. Along with the Wii U’s sales falling flat, is this really the beginning of the end for Nintendo? In this Top 5, I’ve decided to look for the silver lining and explore how this may actually benefit Nintendo.

5) Nintendo‘s Terms
With Sony unveiling the Playstation 4 earlier this year and Microsoft expected to formally announce their next console, it could be possible major companies have decided to take the time to make major announcements on their own, rather than waiting for the big show in June. Nintendo often times uses their Nintendo Direct conferences to announce upcoming lineups on their own time. With Nintendo doing things on their own terms, the company can have a little more control in showcasing more positives while hiding as many negatives as they can.

4) Sony and Microsoft Fall Flat at E3
We can now confirm Microsoft will have an event to officially announce the successor to the Xbox 360. Sony had a similar event in February to officially announce the arrival of the Playstation 4. At E3, we should expect the reveal of each company’s respective console’s launch date, price, possibly more features, and, of course, games. All this sounds great, but what happens if there are more announcements that underwhelm the audience? What if there are horrible demos with children? What if the launch price is too high? What if there are just some more features announced that some players don’t like? All this could be in the realm of possibility, but only time can really tell.

3) Nintendo‘s Presentation History
From “My body is ready,” to the way the Wii U was handled over the past couple years, to say Nintendo has had an odd history at E3 is a bit of an understatement. Let’s take the previous couple years with the Wii U alone as an example. First, they delivered a confusing video that led some people to believe the Wii U was another peripheral for the Wii. Last year, Nintendo didn’t say anything new about the Wii U, such as a price, launch date, or specs of the console. Maybe this is Nintendo‘s way of expressing the old saying of “discretion is the better part of valor” by staying out of the spotlight of E3. If Nintendo doesn’t have anything to show off, it could bode well for Nintendo‘s image to stay out of this year’s E3 to avoid criticism and disappointment.

2) Familiar Territory

Speaking of history, if there’s anyone that can right a sinking ship, it’s Nintendo. Most recently, they had almost the same troubles with their 3DS. In fact, when compared to the DS, the 3DS has sold a million more units in the same amount of time. With 3DS sales hitting about 20 million, according to NPD, sales are up 55% when compared to 2011. So when looking at the Wii U, Nintendo will need to utilize the same type of strategy to turn the slumping sales of their new console around. This could give them the time they need to focus on how to turn the company around again.

1) Look at themselves

With Nintendo skipping the major presentation this year, this should allow Nintendo to look within themselves and ask where everything went wrong. Though they will not have the same presence at E3 as Microsoft and Sony, they should take the time to notice what their competitors are doing and utilize that knowledge to give the Wii U more credibility among the gaming public. Without a major conference to prepare for, Nintendo has to use this opportunity to make smart decisions for their future. Sure, the fan favorites of Mario and Zelda will help, but Nintendo needs to present them in new ways to appeal to the gamers they lost with the Wii.

Let me finish with this note: I don’t want to see Nintendo fail. I don’t think anyone does. But the last few years have really made me question them, and with the trouble they’re in now, we can only hope they can fix their issues before it’s too late. Let us know what you think, gamers; do you think Nintendo is doomed, or do they have a chance to come out of this slump as strong as ever? Let us know in the comment section below, and, as always, stay tuned to New Gamer Nation for all the gaming goodness you care about.

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