Everyone’s favorite family man will be joining the growing roster of Street Fighter V this month. Guile will be available in the April update of SFV, however no release date was given. A mainstay since Street Fighter 2, Guile returns with his infamous sonic boom and flash kick. Guile has also learned a few trick, like his crouch walk with allows him to keep his charge as he applies pressure. You can learn all about Guile and his V-Trigger over at the Capcom blog in their official statement. You can check out Guile’s official trailer below.


Coming along with Guile is a classic stage that many will remember. The Air Force Base will be available for “free” for season pass holders or 70,000 fight money.

Capcom also commented on rage quitting and match making. “The way this will work is the system will identify players who have high disconnect rates during matches and will lock them out of matchmaking for a period of time. Players who have been identified as abusing the system will receive an in-game message notifying them they have been locked out of matchmaking.”

Capcom also stated that “Many users should have an easier time creating and connecting to Battle Lounges and we are also loosening the restrictions on finding an opponent. We know users in Europe and other parts of the world have experienced some issues finding opponents and this should help increase the amount of battles coming their way.”

Capcom has steadily improved Street Fighter V since launch. Hopefully this update will fix most of the rage quitting problems and most importantly be on time. Capcom has 10 days to meet the April timeline and they haven’t  missed an update yet.

How do you feel about Guile? Can’t wait to throw sonic booms while jamming to his classic music? Let us know in the comments and keep checking New Gamer Nation for all your favorite tall haired fighter updates.

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