Wow.  In what seems like a slap in the face to Nintendo’s struggling console, EA told Kotaku that they currently weren’t developing any Wii U games.  We knew things were pretty bad when they revealed some of their biggest franchises, like Madden or Battlefield 4, weren’t making it to the console this year.   What we didn’t know is that none of their games were going to grace the console with their presence!

There’s no way to slice this… it’s bad news.  I mean EA has a lot of gaming’s biggest franchises.  Regardless of how you feel about the company, they put out some quality titles.  While they didn’t rule out the chances of ever developing for the Wii U again, I’m guessing right now they just don’t see the benefit of it.  If the Wii U started selling like hotcakes?  We’d probably see EA games on the system again.

via Kotaku

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