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Here we are at the conference I was truly looking forward to as a Playstation 3 owner, the Sony press conference at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Now just because I am a PS3 owner doesn’t mean I’m going to be biased. Sony has a lot to live up to, and has to keep me excited as one of their fans. If you need to get caught up, New Gamer Nation’s Editor In Chief posted the full recap here.


Quantic Dream had a lot of hype going into the conference because of the KARA video released a few weeks prior to the show. The seven minute video was simply used to show off what Quantic Dream could do with the Playstation 3. What was revealed at the conference was something completely different, Beyond.

When I saw the presentation of the game I thought it looked like a more action packed or faster paced Heavy Rain. As ambitious Heavy Rain was, it lacked a little because of the voice acting in the game. With Ellen Page as the lead character in the game, Beyond looks even more ambitious of a title for Quantic Dream.

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

That’s a long title for a game. Seriously, I’m on the fence on this game, on one hand it screams Super Smash Brothers knock off with Playstation characters. The live demo with the PS3 and the Playstation Vita at the same time was impressive though. Other than that, Nathan Drake and Big Daddy from Bioshock as the announced characters was a nice touch.

What Nintendo does with Super Smash Brothers is fine, but with Mario and Link, it feels like a game for younger audiences. Kratos and Sweet Tooth are hardly ambassadors to the younger audiences. I feel if the best way to really separate PSASBR from SSB is to present the Playstation game as a more edgy game.

Assassin’s Creed 3/Assassin’s Creed: Liberation

Showing off the naval battle was something quite intriguing for me. The fact that Ubisoft keeps doing something different with this game and taking to the series in different places. Also with a female assassin, and a New Orleans setting, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation is also something of a testament to how Ubisoft plans on adding to the series.

I already went into Far Cry 3, in the Ubisoft Soapbox, but this didn’t change a lot on my view of the game.


The augmented reality program combining books and gaming was so boring. I sat through the demo and thought this isn’t something I would want to play, and quite frankly it was bringing the whole conference down.

God of War: Ascension

YES! Finally the game I was waiting for has made an appearance. Also, Kratos is still the baddest mother, shut your mouth, in the gaming industry. If you don’t believe me, in the demo, he decapitated a bunch of goat creatures with his bare hands by pulling their horns. Then, he split open the skull of a giant elephant creature. This game is definitely still not for kids.

With that said the changes I saw were fine. Kratos looks a little different, but that was expected because he’s a younger Kratos. The biggest thing I noticed was when the opportunity to finish an opponent came up, rather than the icon for the circle button, a red arc was hanging over the creature.
I love the God of War franchise, and this video just got me hyped up for the game.

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog has a knack for storytelling. The live demo was a great presentation because, for a game that is set in the zombie apocalypse, not one zombie was shown. This game looked to present the human nature breaking down after society has gone by the wayside. Also what I saw was the A.I. adjust to what the player did. When the gun ran out of bullets, an enemy said “I know that sound” and I thought, “If I play this be very careful”, then the girl threw a brick at the guy, and it ended with Joel serving the enemy A.I. with a face full of buckshot.


Sony had a decent press conference. In my opinion, I felt Sony had the best conference of the consoles this year. There were 2 new IPs announced that are exclusive for the Playstation 3, but Wonderbook wasn’t something I would be looking forward to playing. Honestly, the time would’ve been spent better on showing off Sly Cooper 4, or even surprising people with at least a trailer of The Last Guardian. Also the lack of a new console, and announcement of a price drop on either the PS3 or the Vita was something that people weren’t expecting.

Still, after Wonderbook, God of War: Ascension and The Last of Us really helped turn things around. The live demonstrations of the games presented, such as AC3, and Far Cry 3 helped promote the games even more. Plus the white PS Vita might convince some people to buy one, maybe. All in all, I wouldn’t go so far as to call Sony’s conference great, it did enough to get me excited about having a Playstation 3. I look forward to the exclusive games coming, and learning more about them until their release.

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