While I was working on the review for old school-influenced car combat racer “Gas Guzzlers”, I got a chance to ask the developers at Gamepires a few questions. I asked them about their classic racing influences, inquired about some of their game design decisions and even asked about plans for the future of the game and more. Read on for their responses, and be sure to check out our review of Gas Guzzlers.

NGN: First of all, car combat games aren’t nearly as common as they used to be. What was it that drew you to the genre for Gas Guzzlers?

GG: Well we are a huge fans of this kind of games although the biggest titles we were working on such as Serious Sam or Space Force Rogue Universe did not have anything with racing, but they did with lot of combat J. Seriously, we played for years such games and we have decided to combine passion with work and we have built completely new stuff in combat racing genre. There is defineitely trend among players to move off classic simulation to more destruction – with or without guns.  

NGN: There’s a lot of classic golden age car combat games out there, and I imagine some these were quite an influence on the game. Were there any particular titles that stand out as sources of inspiration?

GG: We seriously respect and have played games like Death Rally, Carmageddon, Flatout (1 and 2) etc. so we have revived the genre with our title.

NGN: Which aspect of Gas Guzzlers is your favourite part of the game, or the part you’re the most proud of?

GG: That nothing is straight forward and boring. All the events, tracks and logic are full of hidden stuff, shortcuts and different ways to win the title (along with being the fastest or besshooter). Also we get the highest praises on our graphics which is, in our humble opinion, really state of the art and we have spent months in polishing it.

NGN: I definitely enjoyed the decision to split the game into three modes, as it meant that you had the freedom to stick to your favorite events and tracks most of the time. Any particular modes that got cut for one reason or another? If so why?

GG: Regarding mods that did not enter the final release there were: time trial mode where you drive against time – basically we have left it out because pure simulation is not the only core gameplay around the game cause weapons define the game significantly also. Next one left aside was “search and destroy”. This is the mode in which the player has limited time to locate and destroy armoured vehicle protected by other AI vehicles. Sincerely we were not sure whtether to release this mode in the Gold master or to leave it for future patches so we have decided to leave it for the future.

NGN: One thing that stood out to me in the game was the soundtrack. While the in-game music is pretty normal, the radio in the menus plays some really eccentric tracks. How did that come about?

GG: The story with driving is connected with adrenalyn, and when you add guns and huge load of fun than also the music needs to follow that path. We were picking the right tracks and voices really thoroughly and even hired legendary Greg Hill to provide us with some sounds. People mostly like the Arnold Schwarzenegger parody on Terminator voice „I”ll be bak“ which is hilarious combined with all other sounds.

NGN: Now that the game has launched, are you happy with the reception it has received? Anything you wish you had done differently?

GG: You always can turn back and think…hmm we should have done this different etc. but these are all small changes and we have to admit we are extremely satisifed with the Gold master you can buy today on Origin, Gamefly or Impulse. We are small team comparing to the big international teams and therefore our effort is even greater.

NGN: Are there any plans to expand the game after launch along the lines of DLC or content patches, or are you just working on the next big thing?

GG: The Gas Guzzlers story will not surely end here. We are currently developing patch 1.1. combined of all the things we did not make to finish in GOLD and in parallel develop expansions and DLC’s. Also consoles are to come so lot of work in front of us and we enjoy it.

NGN: Right now your title is PC exclusive. Any plans to pursue a release on XBLA or PSN, or seek out additional distribution platforms like Steam?

GG: We are already in negotations with Microsoft for XBLA so this will be our next step, that’s for sure. Regarding digital, negotiations with Steam are currently rolling (as requested by thousands of players) and we hope we will close them soon to give also our Steam oriented fans ability to play and enjoy.

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    These guys are my new heroes. I am killing this game and I am losing nights over it….and I enjoy it…thank you guys…hope I will meet you some day!!!! Respect