Released by Vortex Pop for the PS4 on April 14, 2015, We Are Doomed is a shooter that has a very arcade-like approach.  The game features a twin-stick control system and has no cutscenes, storyline, or any of that other nonsense.  Don’t feel like keeping up with a ridiculously long and complicated storyline?  Take a trip back into gaming’s simple roots as you plunge into pure beautiful chaos.  Basically, the entire point of the game is to shoot baddies (along with other objects) with your overpowered laserbeam, and to charge up your SUPERBEAM (an overpowered version of the already-overpowered laserbeam).  If you are wanting more details on the fairly-straight-forward gameplay, you can follow this link here to the original blog post:


The game is set to release for the Vita on February 9th.  It will support cross-buy, so if you already purchased it for the PS4 you shall not pay again to play on-the-go.  As for me, I guess I’ll just stick to the PS4.

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