For the past six years, fans have been entertained by the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham series. The studio responsible for the franchise has delivered what many consider as the definitive superhero games…Or at the very least the definitive Batman games. So it shouldn’t shock many people that Batman: Arkham Knight would be the last game in that series, or at least the last one done by Rocksteady. One question remains: Where do they go from here? After the next few months of DLC has been released, once they solve all the issues for the PC, maybe other minor fixes if needed, the question of what’s next for that team will undoubtingly come up, if it hasn’t already. With this list, I’d like to offer my ideas of what I’d like to see from Rocksteady. Let me be clear, all of these are mere pipe dreams. As much as I’d like to see these games from Rocksteady, I doubt we’ll ever see them. With that said, alright chums lets do this list, LEEEEROOOY JENKINS!

Top 5 Games I’d Like to See From Rocksteady

5) Racing or Car Combat
This is probably out of left field for some people, but I think something along the lines of a racing game or a car combat game could work for Rocksteady. Though I thought they relied on making the player use the Batmobile too much in the game, I thought those mechanics were solid. I would like to see something like the Riddler Tracks, without the need to finish every lap in a certain amount of time, would work well. Not to mention, if you wanted to take the concept of hazards in the game, and maybe some that can be controlled by the players, maybe races can change with a flip of a switch. Even something like a car combat among the Batmobile type cars, but with different weapons. Heck, if David Jaffe’s new studio doesn’t want to, maybe they can take the reigns of a new Twisted Metal game.

4) Marvel’s Defenders/The Punisher
This is more than likely going to remain a pipe dream. I believe Rocksteady is under the Warner Bros. umbrella, which means they’re more than likely going to make a DC comics themed game. That being said, with I think the fighting mechanics in the fighting games can be transferred over well to Marvel’s street level team The Defenders. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil would each have their own movesets and abilities. It could be possible to follow the Netflix format, making an individual game for each character and have them team up for one big game. If they want to focus on one character for a series, I would be open to that. If they go that route, I’ll suggest throwing in The Punisher as well. The melee combat, mixing in gun, knives, and other various weapons, and have something Batman doesn’t because of his “no killing” rule: Brutal finishes killing off the grunts or bosses.

3) Teen Titans
Rocksteady more than likely won’t touch a Marvel property, but what about another DC comics game/series? Though Rocksteady has said they’re done with the Batman universe, however why not just start something of a side story arc with Robin? His growing pains in the Teen Titans, or have them learning how to work with each other in the Teen Titans? I’d like to see the combat being used from the Arkham series going to Robin, and maybe some gadget stuff from Cyborg. Throw in Beast Boy to clear out people with the blunt force of a rhino or gorilla. Fans of the original animated series know there can be some deep issues and storytelling, along with the kind of gameplay Rocksteady can deliver. How they would want to would be up to them. Maybe something where we see all the team on screen at once, or switching between a few characters like Grand Theft Auto V. If they don’t want to use the Teen Titans, maybe they can use the lore of the Arkham Series to make a new Suicide Squad. If they really want to go crazy, they can bend their word on not making Batman games and just expand it to the Justice League.

2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
There were rumblings of a rumor saying Rocksteady’s next game could be from this universe. Personally, I think that would be freaking awesome. In an ideal situation, they’d use the tried-and-true combat system from the Arkham series but we’d see the Turtles’ weapons involved. I’d get a kick out of seeing that gallery of rogues come to live with this current generation graphics and seeing the occasional Casey Jones cameo or side missions. I honestly hope that rumor is true, because if it is, I’m going to pre-order that game as soon as I can confirm it. Plus, a TMNT game by Rocksteady can’t be as bad as a TMNT film by Michael Bay.

1) Superman
We have to be honest, Superman hasn’t had the greatest history in the gaming world. At least not individually. Sure Injustice was a good game, but it can hardly be considered a Superman game. The man of steel has such a long and storied history, finding one story arc to cover would be tough to choose. Not to mention making one of, if not the most overpowered characters in comics would be tough to make it worth playing. Do you do a young Superman finding out his powers and he slowly hones them over time? Do you start off with a more current Superman and make him weaker? It’s a tough daunting task, but I can imagine Rocksteady thought it was a daunting task making a great Batman game.

There’s my list. If any of these games happen, remember, you saw it here first! If they don’t, I have the utmost confidence whatever Rocksteady works on will be worth playing. Did I get it wrong? Do you have something else you’d like to see them take on? Let us know in the comments below and hopefully we’ll hear something soon about the next endeavor from Rocksteady.

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