Insomniac Games teased a new release and we have now learned that new game is a passion project called Song of the Deep. Song of the Deep is a 2d Metroidvania-style game according to Insomniac. It all takes place underwater and follows Merryn, a young girl, out to find her missing father.

According to Insomniac,”You’ll follow Merryn’s submarine on a journey under the sea, exploring an expansive and mysterious world. You’ll discover sunken cities and diabolical puzzles. You’ll upgrade your ship with new abilities powered by a mysterious substance called Tyne. You’ll battle strange creatures who are intent on dragging you further into the depths.”

Song of the Deep will be available Summer 2016 and will be available digitally on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Those who want a physical copy will only be able to get one from GameStop stores due to an interesting publishing deal with the game retailer.

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