Charlie Nash will be making his return to the Street Fighter series since 1998’s Street Fighter Alpha 3. Charlie has been presumed to be dead since then and is noticeably different in the new trailer. Sporting a new Frankenstein patch job Charlie looks to have some new tricks up his sleeve. The familiar laugh of M. Bison along with a shadowy figure that resembles the mad dictator can be found at the end as well. This may be a tease for an upcoming trailer or perhaps the villain will return for another round.

Also of note; Street Fighter V will be getting an online beta will be available in North America for those who pre-order the game. According to CapCom Unity’s Peter “ComboFiend” Rosa “These tests will be essential to collect your feedback and to ensure that Street Fighter V is the best iteration yet.” You can head over to CapCom Unity for more screenshots and details on Charlie.

Sony announced Street Fighter V as a console exclusive on the PS4 at the PlayStation Experience last December. Are you excited for the return of Charlie Nash? Let us know in the comments below.

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