Sony will be debuting a new audio streaming service called Playstation Music this spring, according to their blog post earlier today.  Through a deal with the popular streaming service Spotify, both the free and premium versions are going to be available on a few Sony platforms.

Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 users will be able to link their Spotify accounts to their consoles and stream music directly.  The service can be used during gameplay, too. Apparently, there will be “other great features” available exclusively on the Playstation Music service.

Xperia smartphones and tablets will also be able to access Playstation Music.  Existing Spotify playlists can be accessed on any supported platform, so functionality seems high across the board.

Consequently, Sony’s Music Unlimited audio streaming service will be discontinued on March 29th in all 19 countries it’s currently available in.  “Nearly all” of these countries will be receiving Playstation Music when it becomes available in the spring.  Starting on February 28th, users with an active account on Music Unlimited will get some free access during the last month.

Anyone interested can sign up here for an e-mail notification when the service goes live.

Music Unlimited is Sony’s current music streaming service.  The PS Vita can stream under Music Unlimited, but will not be included in launch plans for Playstation Music. This comes after news that the PS Vita is already losing a couple of popular features such as Maps and Youtube.

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