2K games had some of the largest booths at the show and for good reason. Borderlands 2 was playable at PAX and there was a huge line to get a taste of what this new game is all about. Luckily, we had a chance to play it and we were impressed. That is why we sat down with the team at Gearbox Software and talked a little Borderlands 2. Please press play to listen to the interview or simply read the transcript below.


NGN – This is Joe from New Gamer Nation and I am here with 2K Games and we are going to talk a little Borderlands 2. So for those that have played Borderlands or for those that haven’t played yet, do you want to give us an overview of which direction you took the series?

Gearbox – Sure, Borderlands 2 is what we like to call a Role Playing Shooter it combines all the best things from your favorite RPGs like skills, leveling and loot with all the intense action from your favorite first person shooters.

NGN – So what is new about Borderlands 2? How did you approach it? We know that Borderlands was a really big hit and everyone loved it especially the co-op aspects, so how did you build upon the success of the first game?

Gearbox – We had a great foundation from the first game but we felt there were a lot of things we could improve upon and we can polish up. As far as making new features, the biggest is probably the four new character classes so you have all new skills to explore and all new gameplay that character classes bring on top of that we’ve taken all the gear to the next level. The guns have gotten an overhaul they look amazing and they do all kinds of fun new things, as well as, the grenades, GLs, class mods, all those things have all been taken to a new level as well.

NGN – So is there still going to be four player co-op just like the first game had?

Gearbox – Yup, absolutely. Four player co-op is super important. Split screen is also a big deal for us and this time split screen players will be able to go online as well.

NGN – So we know that the first Borderlands had a ton of DLC, I think like 4 major updates, is that kind of DLC and support planned for this title as well? 

Gearbox – We are not really thinking about DLC yet. We gotta finish this game here but we will see where that takes us.

NGN – So I assume this is going to be a Playstation 3 title and an Xbox 360 title, is there going to be a PC release as well?

Gearbox – Yep, PC is very important. We had a huge following on the PC platform so we care a lot about those guys. We are doing a lot with the interface and things of that nature to try and make it a better experience on the PC.

NGN – So when can we go out and get this game?

Gearbox – September 18th

NGN – Great. We played it earlier and we had a great time so we are all looking forward to it.

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