Irrational Games has just released details on the pre-order bonuses for BioShock Infinite. Today, we will briefly go through what you can get and where.

No matter where you purchase BioShock Infinite, you will have access to a game called BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution. This is a free puzzle game created by Lazy 8 Studios. As long as you purchased this game at a retailer, you will get this for free. You start out as a factory worker, living and working in the game’s fictional city of Columbia. As you make your way through the puzzles in the game, you will learn more about the different sides of the conflict and you’ll also earn in-game items for BioShock: Infinite. The game is available on and offers 59 puzzles and the ability to unlock in-game items for BioShock Infinite on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC. Once you finish the game, you can enter your email address  and the platform of your choice and on the day BioShock Infinite is released you will get an email with a one time use code that will allow you to redeem the items you’ve unlocked.

In addition to Bioshock Infinite:Industrial Revolution, players can earn additional pre-order bonuses depending on which retailer they choose to purchase the game from.


If you pre-order BioShock Infinite at GameStop, you’ll get the in-game upgrade to the China Broom shotgun, this upgrade changes the skin of the weapon and adds a damage enhancement.

Best Buy


Pre-ordering at Best Buy will get you an in-game upgrade for the Bird’s Eye sniper rifle,  this upgrade changes the skin of the weapon and adds a damage enhancement.


Amazon pre-order customers will receive BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt, a prequel story available on Kindle. Mind in Revolt is set before the events of BioShock Infinite and follows Daisy Fitzroy in the days after she’s been captured by the Founders. The story was written by Irrational writer Joe Fielder with input from BioShock Infinite creative director Ken Levine.

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