Xbox Live and additional services such as Xfinity and Netflix are having issues, according to multiple user reports and Microsoft’s status page. Currently, XBL core services as well as Youtube are experiencing “limited” functionality.

Microsoft has yet to release any information on the service outages, but GameZone reports that hacker group TeamBudyBear has claimed responsibility:

Microsoft has neither confirmed or denied TeamBudyBear’s involvement in the outages. The hacker group claims on their Twitter page to be a “group of Greyhat hackers, operation security professionals” that aim to teach “the community about information security and account safeguarding.”

TBB seems to pursue this noble goal by allegedly hacking peoples’ Paypal, Twitch, and Instagram accounts. “Evidence” of this can be seen posted on their Twitter feed.

Until Microsoft makes an official announcement, TBB’s involvement could just be opportunistic tweeting. At press time, the Xbox Live outages have not been reported as DDoS attacks, which is the infamous technique used by Lizard Squad back in December.

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