Here we go, the second of the big 3 console developers having their much anticipated press conference.  Was it any good? Scroll down and take a look.

Uncharted 3

Pilot’s Impressions - This game looks amazing and you can see why this is going to be one of the best games of the year.  This is my most anticipated Sony game for the PS3.

Slacker’s Impressions - This game is going to be huge. Not just the story mode, but the multi-player mode as well. The graphics look great! This isn’t really much of a surprise but it was cool to see new footage of the game.

Resistance 3

Pilot’s Impressions - One of several Sony exclusives announced this year at E3 and it looks great.  Lots of features, 3D support, its got it all and should be a triple A title coming out soon.

Slacker’s Impressions - I like the futuristic/sci fi twist on a typical FPS shooter game. The last FPS I purchased was Battlefield Bad Company 2. I may give this a look.

God of War Origins

Pilot’s Impressions - This is where they take the games from the PSP and make them playable on the PS3, still a lot of questions about this but it should open up the series to everyone now.

Slacker’s Impressions - This is nice. A little predictable given the announcement of the Sony Remastered series, but nice. Both games will be remastered in HD and have trophy support as well.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus

Pilot’s Impressions – We knew about this and they really didn’t get into it but its coming this year and that’s awesome.

Pilot’s Impressions – Nice to see these two titles remastered and with 3-D support.


Pilot’s Impressions - This should be a great basketball game especially since 2K11 sold a ton of copies.  They didn’t really change much but its another chance to make a ton of cash.

Slacker’s Impressions - Nice. A little predictable given the announcement of the Sony Remastered series, but nice. Both games will be remastered in HD and have trophy support as well.

Medieval Moves: Deadman’s Quest

Pilot’s Impressions - This game looked okay but nothing all that exciting.  I liked the no inventory system and it was quick to respond but again not overly impressive.

Slacker’s Impressions - This title interests me. I like the use of the Playstation Move here. Gesture controlled movements determine what weapons the player uses. This eliminates using a menu to select your item first, and thus speeding up the gameplay. Medieval Moves looks fun. I may give it a try.

Infamous 2

Pilot’s Impressions - Kind of weird to waste time on a game that comes out tomorrow but okay, still a great game and I’ll be getting it tomorrow.

Slacker’s Impressions - No surprise here either, but a great game nonetheless. This is kind of a confusing include in E3 since it’s released tomorrow.


Pilot’s Impressions - I wasn’t much into Warhawk but this looks good.  Great graphics and combined with the strong community that Warhawk brings should make for a solid title.

Slacker’s Impressions - This game looks interesting. It looks like there will be a variety of play from FPS elements to space shooter elements. I was a fan of the original Warhawk. I’m excited about this title.

Sly Cooper 4

Pilot’s Impressions - I really liked the art style of the new game.  It had a resemblance to the HD remakes of Sly but it looked new and fresh.  I’m excited for this one.

Slacker’s Impressions - All we get is a trailer for Sly Cooper 4. The animation in the trailer looks pretty good. However, It’s really only whetting my palette for some footage of the gameplay.

Dust 514

Pilot’s Impressions - I love new exclusives and I welcome this with open arms.  The Haloesque game wasn’t anything crazy but the connectivity to Eve Online is amazing and I can’t wait to read more about it.

Slacker’s Impressions - The gameplay for Dust 514 looked pretty good. Another futuristic first person shooter. I’m interested to try the Move compatibility with this game.

Bioshock Infinite

Pilot’s Impressions - This is going to be a great game and when it’s set in the Bioshock universe its almost guarenteed to be awesome.  I’ll be looking out for this soon.

Slacker’s Impressions - I’ve actually never played a Bioshock game, but this trailer looks interesting. The trailer is composed entirely of in game footage and has the player suspended high in the air in a roller coaster type vehicle. At the very end the player drops thousands of feet and the demo fades to black. Interesting.

Star Trek Game

Pilot’s Impressions - This looked awesome from the start so I really, really hope they don’t screw this up.  I want a good Star Trek game.

Slacker’s Impressions - I’m pretty interested in this one. Star Trek is begging to have a decent game made out of it. The trailer looks pretty good. It has elements of FPS as well as flight control. It’s due to drop in summer of 2012, and is based on the next JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. Games based on movies tend to not fare too well. Let’s hope this breaks the trend. For Star Trek fanboys there’s also a new version of the move controller coming out. It will be in the shape of a phaser.

PS Vita

Pilot’s Impressions - That’s right they called it the Vita.  I hate the name but I love the device and we got all the details.  It is coming Holiday 2011 and coming in at $249 US for wifi only and $299 US for 3G version.  If you want the 3G version you need an account with AT&T and that’s a big downer.  Other than that it’s going to be great.

Slacker’s Impressions - Sony’s NGP will be released this Holiday Season. ModNation Racers is a launch title and puts the ability to create your own tracks at your fingertips (literally). There’s also drag and drop customization of cars. I’m also looking forward to WipeOut 2048.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Pilot’s Impressions - This looks incredible and for a handheld it blew me away.  This is going to be a system seller and with just this I think I’m sold.

Slacker’s Impressions - This game looks amazing. It’s reason enough to get the PSVita day one. I REALLY like the use of touch screen in the melee attacks. The six axis controls or touch screen can be used to jump from ledge to ledge. The best part is you’re not locked into any one control set.


Pilot’s Impressions – The game itself was a Diablo like action RPG but what makes this incredible is the ability to play this on either the PS3 or the Vita allowing seamless play.  Start a game on the train, save to the cloud, play on your PS3 when you get home, save to the cloud and continue on the train tomorrow.  This is what I hoped handhelds would be all along.  Brilliant.

Slacker’s Impressions - A good looking Action RPG for the PSVita. Not so sure about the social media integration, but otherwise the game looks fun.

Modnation Racers

Pilot’s Impressions - This is pretty much the same old stuff.  They did rework the controls to allow you to make tracks on the Vita but other than that it is just ModNation Racers.

Slacker’s Impressions - Looks fun and fast paced. Creating tracks with your finger and drag and drop customization of cars are both very interesting.


Pilot’s Impressions - LBP is back and on the PS Vita.  The game looks good and with new mechanics designed specifically for the Vita, this should be something to look out for.  I’m excited!

Slacker’s Impressions - This looks like more than your typical LBP experience. You can play via touch screen or six axis. The rear camera can be used to take pictures. Those pictures can then be integrated into the game.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Pilot’s Impressions - This looks great on the handheld and they announced Cole from Infamous will be a playable character.  Questionable choice but still interesting nonetheless.

Slacker’s Impressions - Not a bad way to close out the press conference, even though it is another fighting cross over series. The limited game play we’ve seen so far looks like everything you’d expect from a Street Fighter title. I personally like the addition of Cole from Infamous. I’m sure the game will have online support. Anything less would be a disappointment. It seems like a solid title that I’ll enjoy playing.


Pilot’s Final Impressions
Sony had a very strong and versitile conference and it blew Microsoft out of the water.  Lots of new exclusives, tons of info on the new handheld and plenty of Uncharted games.  It was a great night for Sony and it was the clear winner of the conference wars so far.  Needless to say there is lots of things to be excited about with Sony and I know my wallet will be taking a big hit soon.  I was a little disappointed that we didn’t learn more about The Last Guardian and Sorcery.  If we saw more of those games this would be a ten but instead I give it a …

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

Slackers’s Final Impressions
Great conference for Sony. In particular, I enjoyed the new features on the PS Vita. Lots of new titles in the line up. Some games such as Uncharted and Sly Cooper are continuations of old series, and some games such as Star Trek and Deadman’s Quest are brand new. The only weakness is I’d like to see more new games. Other than that, great conference.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

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  • Jose

    I swear to goat when I heard them announce an exclusive partnership with AT&T the entire audience gasped. Still though the Vita is easily one of the best looking handhelds I’ve ever seen. I also LOVED the 3D Monitor and how it wasn’t split screen for two people on the same screen. I don’t know why inFamous 2 was promoted, but I guess since it technically comes out tomorrow they wanted to do one last promotion, but I would’ve traded that for something like Twisted Metal. Still though it was probably the best conference of the day and so far the best of the big three.

    • Pilot

      Yeah I wasn’t too thrilled about the AT&T exclusive deal either so I’ll just stick to the wifi only model. Vita looks great and I am very tempted to pre-order one of these guys. I definitely would have traded Infamous 2 promotion for Twisted Metal, Dark Souls, Last Guardian, Ratchet and Clank All 4 one or any other number of games.