The Fall Is Nigh

After the success of War for Cybertron, Transformers returns with a lot of expectations and hope hanging on its shoulders for the millions of fans worldwide. The first game was great, it had a solid multiplayer mode, which was a big hit, so we’ll be looking forward to see what new weapons and devastating abilities you are able to unleash. The sequel continues with the story after the hard-fought battle between the Autobots and Decepticons on their home planet of Cybertron. As Cyberton is destroyed, all of the transformers must flee the planet in the hope that they can find a new place to call home. You can probably guess that things won’t go to plan but why not find out for yourselves?

Meeting expectations?

So what can we be expecting from this new game? For starters, the online co-op mode has been scrapped and they’ve added an all new horde mode where you’ll be able to fend off waves off enemies while upgrading your weapons and gear. Most people love the freedom to be able to choose what weapons they want and having the ability to upgrade these weapons should be a nice addition to the series. Also, for online multiplayer modes, you will be able to create your own bot from scratch, with hundreds of add-ons and paint jobs to choose from, its unlikely to see the same configuration twice. As far as classes are concerned, Scientist, Infiltrator, Destroyer and Titan will be the four to choose from. Another little thing that they have added is the ability to switch your gun from arm to arm which is always handy in a few situations.

Familiar Faces?

Here’s a quote from Matt Tieger of High Moon that should explain a few things, “We really made a conscious choice to make every upgrade a significant improvement, so one upgrade might increase your firing speed by 75 percent. We could have made the system so that there were a lot of upgrades that each improved your guns a little bit, but we wanted to make each upgrade feel like this giant thing. That way when players buy it, they’re really going to feel the difference.” With quotes like that, why wouldn’t you want to try this out? But if that still isn’t good enough for you, then how about a Transformer which has a sword and shield with the ability to go into a rage mode and transform into a dinosaur? Well this Transformers is also known as Grimlock, so what more could you ask from a Transformers game? How about a few bots what transform into the huge bot named Bruticus? Well they have that too! Obviously, this is for the campaign mode only or else the game would get quite hectic, though the thought of calling in one of these for a kill streak would be pretty damn awesome.

Don’t fail me now!

The only issues concerning this game revolve around the multiplayer aspects of the game. Is it going to be balanced or will there be other issues holding this game back, like we’ve seen from other titles over the past year? Overall, this game looks amazing, the gameplay seems fluid, and the amount of new features this game is promising.

For those interested in picking this game up, it releases in the U.S on August 21st and for everyone else look for it to release on August 24th.

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