New Gamer Nation reported last month that Xenonauts, a love letter to old school PC turn based strategy games, was looking to get help through crowdfunding to allow developer Goldhawk Interactive to finish the game and also add in some new cool features. Well the Kickstarter has now finished and the project reached it’s $50,000 goal and completely exceeded it reaching a final fund of $154,175. Because of the great amount of funds raised the developer has now promised new following new features.

Dedicated level designer!
Indoor terror missions!
Soviet Town tileset!
Tileset-specific AI soldiers!
Female soldiers!
Mac / Linux port on release!
The new UI design will be rolled out across the whole game (ideally with the background art updating as you research new technology)!
Soldier combat medal system!
Battlefield suppression mechanics!
Animated battlefield tiles!
A DRM-free version of the game on release!
80 extra soldier portraits!

People who donated were sent their keys today and will be able to play the game right now in it’s current alpha state and receive every update up until and past the official release of the game!

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