According to tweets by the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, Microsoft plans to show off a new exclusive intellectual property. “We should have new exclusive IP at E3,” Spencer tweeted. “I’m trying to make this E3 more about 1st party than past E3s.”

“This is going to be a fun year,” he added. “I think it might be our best 1st party content year ever.” Last October Spencer revealed Microsoft’s development studios is working on a game that won’t be “another military space marine game” or racing game.

There is a lot on the horizon for Microsoft this year including games such as the fifth installment of the Halo franchise and Rise of the Tomb Raider. E3 is a couple months away, so are you getting hyped up for the annual show? What do you think the Microsoft people are set to reveal? Let us know in the comments and for all things gaming, stay right here to New Gamer Nation.

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