Chris Wynn, the senior development director for Mass Effect Andromeda, has announced he’s leaving Bioware. Announced via his Twitter page, he said, “It is with a heavy heart today to say that I am moving on from BioWare and Mass Effect: Andromeda, and returning to the USA.”

Bioware released a statement to Game Informer thanking him for his work and wishing him well. They also assured fans of the franchise, the development of Mass Effect Andromeda will continue to move forward.

“Chris was a great member of the team. We want to thank him for his contributions and we wish him the best in his new adventures. Development of Mass Effect Andromeda continues to move full speed ahead at BioWare Montreal, Edmonton and Austin.”

With Mass Effect Andromeda’s release due around the holiday next year, there is no official word on if these recent events will delay the game. If something does come up, we’ll let you know right here at New Gamer Nation.

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