For those of you who have been to a PAX East event before, you may remember that your bag has never been searched before. However, this years event saw massive lines so that all attendee’s bags could be checked and many were left wondering why.

The city of Boston had asked Penny Arcade to provide bag checks across all entrances throughout the Boston Convention Center. The city submitted this request because of PAX’s growing attendance at the convention center and because the city is approaching the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. The bag search may have been a slight inconvenience for the show-goers but it was an appreciated extra layer of security as the event went off with out a hitch.

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  • Dana

    it was for show… it wasn’t a very good bag check. Considering how many compartments my bag has, and they only even bothered to look in the part I opened.

    • Joe Marchese

      While I would agree that they didn’t tear apart your bag, I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say it was for show. They were looking for something that could do a lot of damage and that would require a lot of space. You wouldn’t be able to hide a powerful device in a corner of your bag. They also had a large number of dogs around and anyone with a large bag had to get it sniffed. It was a reasonable effort that I’ve seen at a number of shows.