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PAX East begins this upcoming weekend, but it’s never too early to think about E3 2013.  However, if you’re not invited then getting there is half the battle……Unless you’re a baws at making t-shirts!

The great people at Extra Life will give one talented person a free trip and an invitation to this year’s E3.  Once you get there all you have to do is flex your design!  But how, you may be asking your LED screen.  Well, all you have to do is think of a cool design, submit it to their facebook page, and do it by midnight of March 24th.  Also, make sure you pick your best bet because they’re allowing one submission per person.

The best part: the power goes to the people and every vote counts! (including yo momma’s!)

Extra Life is a Super Fantastic: Hyper Edition HD Remix (just plain kick ass charity) that raises money for hospitals and children for cancer research and all-around treatments.  Quite possibly the most visible campaign they have is the annual Extra Life marathon where gamers do their best to get sponsored to raise money for local hospitals.

This is the kind of group that the gaming community is proud to be tied to, and it’s wonderful for Extra Life to be able to give a talented person some shine at one of the coolest expos. Want to get started? Here’s a shirt design website, Spread Shirt, to tinker with while you get your creative on.

Good Luck!

This shirt was submitted by Alexis Gepty

This shirt was submitted by Alexis Gepty

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