Cliff Bleszinski, the mind behind Gears of War, has announced the new game called Lawbreakers. At the helm of his new studio Boss Key Productions, the upcoming free-to-play arena shooter revolves around three elements; guns, gangs and gravity. The game takes place years after a cataclysmic event called The Shattering rocked the world. Humanity interfering with the world caused gravity to go haywire, with seas churning and the earth cracking. However, rather than taking place in the typical post-apocalyptic wasteland, Lawbreakers is set after everything has been rebuilt and humanity has moved on. Gravity is still messed up which means jet packs, grappling hooks, and gravity fields will play a big part in the game as well. Bleszinski stated “you won’t want to be on the ground.

The gang aspect comes as all of the world’s criminals coming together to form one massive faction called The Breakers after The Shattering to traffic narcotics and benefit from this new world order. In response, all the world’s law agencies also pool their resources to fight back. So it’s The Law versus The Breakers. More information will be released about the game before it’s release in 2016.

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