Craving a challenging new puzzle game for your mobile device? Then look no further! Blendoku is a straight-forward puzzle game that’s easy to grasp, but difficult to master. At the start, Blendoku presents the player with blocks in the shades of two colors that must be placed in a certain order on a line; this is done by dragging and dropping colored blocks from the color palette into correct position on the puzzle. Each block must contain some hue of any block it touches. Put all the colored blocks in their correct spots to advance to the next level. It’s that simple, really.


However, don’t be fooled by Blendoku‘s initial simplicity. As levels progress, the puzzles get more challenging. The shapes of the puzzles vary from two connecting lines to squares to pyramids, just to name a few. Since every block must contain some hue of any block it touches, the difficulty increases significantly when the puzzle has many tiles positioned closely together. As a result, tiles have to match horizontally and vertically. This aspect makes it easy to see the word play between the game title Blendoku and Sudoku. Additionally, instead of arranging 2 colors in order, there could be 3 or 4.

If any puzzle is too hard, hints are available through the game’s store. There’s also 475 free levels available in all which are playable in any order and spread out through 4 difficulty settings (simple, medium, hard, and master).
Since all the levels are unlocked from the start, it allows a gamer to play at his or her own pace. For those that make it through all 475 levels (wow, that’s dedication), additional level packs are available for purchase through the store.


One drawback of Blendoku is that the master level puzzles are difficult to play on a handheld device. This is because of the size of the puzzle in comparison to the handheld screen; the master level puzzles are better suited for a tablet. However, features such as leader boards and personal high scores add replay value to existing levels. Beat either and Blendoku flashes a message across the screen. Levels completed in better than world average time are marked with a trophy, and levels completed with no mistakes are marked with a star.

Overall, if you’re into puzzle games (and not color blind) then Blendoku is worth checking out. The concept is easy to understand, and many challenging levels are open from the start. Although some the more challenging levels are better suited for a tablet, the game as a whole doesn’t suffer because of the replay value and the many existing levels that can be played on your phone.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Android version of Blendoku developed by Lonely Few

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