If you are reading this review, chances are you are a fan of the Alien franchise in one form or another. The original Alien movie singlehandedly changed science fiction forever and it seems we finally got a game that pays tribute to what made that movie iconic. Alien Isolation is a love letter to fans and it draws its inspiration from the original movie. The Creative Assembly painstakingly poured through hours of footage and thousands of screenshots to properly capture this world. Now that all is said and done, a new compendium was released that puts all this work on display and it is great.


As mentioned above, Alien Isolation, at least artistically, is the game that Alien fans have been waiting for. That classic low fidelity, chunky computer technology combined with advanced technology was an interesting take of the future back in the late seventies and seeing the world come alive in Alien Isolation was great to see. It is that nostalgia that makes this art collection so compelling. It features over 300 still images taken right from the game and it looks amazing. It is everything you’d expect and it pulls on all the right heart-strings.

In addition to some jaw-dropping art inspired by the iconic film, there is plenty of commentary from the artists themselves. This commentary gives you an inside take of what was going through their minds when creating these scenes. You’ll also see a number of concept and development art pieces that allows you to visualize the process which brings you that much more appreciation for the job that The Creative Assembly did on this game.


This book is really meant to be a companion to the game itself but if you just wanted to see the art just be careful. There are a number of spoilers at the end of the book, so if you wanted to play the game, you should be mindful of what you look at.

As far as construction of the book in concerned, this is made very well. The book is laid out in a landscape configuration and it is very nicely made. This is a typical Titan product with thick pages and a beautifully designed product. You won’t find a better constructed art book than this, this is as premium as premium art books get.


If you are a fan of the movie Alien, or especially of the game Alien Isolation, this book is a must purchase item. It is beautifully constructed of high quality materials and will be a gem in your collection. It really sheds a light on how The Creative Assembly put this game together and some of the insight provided is fascinating. We found this to be the perfect companion to the game and it just made us appreciate the game that much more knowing all the blood, sweat and tears that went into Alien Isolation. We wholeheartedly recommend this art book to you, and if you are an Alien Isolation fan this needs to be in your collection as soon as possible. We love the Alien franchise and if you are like us, this is the art book for you.

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