Today, Microsoft has decided to try and provide some direction after an overwhelmingly negative response to the Xbox One unveiling. Microsoft has said that gamers, will in fact, not have to pay a free to reactivate used games. That fee will instead be paid by the retailer. However, this limits the people you can purchase software from because they will need to have an agreement with Microsoft to collect the fees. Either way, the messages have been muddy to say the least.

Microsoft has also said that an internet connection is required to play games. The system will perform an internet update every 24 hours to ensure the system is factory standard and legit. However, Microsoft has said that the exact time table for checks has not yet been set. They also mentioned that they are considering giving exemption passes for this internet check to certain groups that have limited access to internet. Soldiers serving oversees was specifically mentioned.

Gamers have not been happy about the news, but the executives at Microsoft know this and are planning to put all the speculation and disappointment to rest before E3. Let’s wait and see what happens.

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