Telltale’s Game Of Thrones adaptation is well underway.  In a press release today, the second episode, entitled The Lost Lords, was heralded with a new trailer and release date.

The PC, Mac, and Playstation versions will drop on February 3rd.  The Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions will be available on the 4th.  On Thursday the 5th, the episode will reach compatible iOS devices on the App Store.  For now, the game is available via digital purchase only.

Here’s that trailer:

The trailer features appropriately tense music, iconic locales, and what looks to be some bloody action– all underscored by Queen Cersei’s ominous narration.  More familiar faces from the TV show make an appearance as well, something teased back during the pre-release hype for the first episode.   Who else is going to show up in the next four episodes?

The Lost Lords will be episode two of six in the series, and continues the tale of House Forrester as they navigate the treachery of Westeros politics.  There are five playable characters, all of differing status and station.  Every choice matters, and every choice can affect the other four characters.

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