This year’s PAX East show was amazing. We saw trends in gaming today play out in real-time right before our eyes. It isn’t often that we get to experience gaming in the midst of thousands of other gamers. The energy and enthusiasm for the hobby is immense and it is an experience that every gamer should partake in. Let’s take this opportunity to reflect on some of the highlights of the show.

A New Reality for the Reality Impaired

One of the new trends we saw this show was the use of the Occulus Rift. Despite wide-spread disdain for the company’s acquisition by Facebook, developers have been embracing the new technology and making their games compatible with the device. While the Occulus didn’t necessarily modify or enhance the experience initially, developers are experimenting with it which will only lead to better and more immersive experiences down the line. Games like Race the Sun or Darknet are on the forefront of a new way to play games and it is interesting to see how this situation will play out.

Console Gaming is Alive and Well

PAX conventions have always been known for having massive lines and this year’s show was no exception. This was just proven by the fact that there was a four-hour wait to get your hands on a 10 minute demo of Evolve. While this might not have been great for gamers, it proves that there is still an immense interest in the next generation of games. Titles like Sniper Elite 3, Evolve, The Evil Within and Wolfenstein show that the next generation is here to stay and there is plenty to see and do while it is still in the lime light.

PC Games!, Front and Center

While the next generation of consoles marches on, PC games are becoming more popular than ever. MOBA titles made their presence known with huge booths and large crowds, but there was more to be explored past the first glance. Games like Dungeon Defenders 2, Hotline Miami 2, Broforce, Civilization: Beyond Earth and others drew a lot of interest and it may surprise gamers how strong their presence actually is. More and more people are jumping on the Steam bandwagon everyday, and judging by the way PC games are seen at PAX, the computer may find its way back into the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Indie Gaming is Taking Over

Indie Games were everywhere at PAX this year. It seems that all the big publishers took a backseat to the huge number of Indie Developers at the show. Never have we seen so many smaller games in one place at one time. Not only that, but there were indie games for just about every console, whether you prefer the Xbox One (Project Totem), PlayStation 4 (Secret Ponchos) or mobile platforms (Marvel Puzzle Quest), indie games were not limited to just PC platforms anymore. No matter where you looked, Indie games were well-represented and ready to compete with the big boys.

PAX is Gaming

As we mentioned above, PAX is an amazing event that truly bring gamers in from every corner of the country. Whether you love PC games or “AAA” titles, PAX has something for every video game fan. Though the balance seems to be slightly tipped in favor of smaller developers, interest for the show is still at an all time high. We love going to the show every year and no matter who you ask, they can’t recommend going to the show enough. If you have the chance, get yourself to a PAX near you, and frankly, the sooner the better. We all look forward to bringing you coverage at the next PAX event!

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