As some may remember, we just finished our review of the Mionix Naos 7000. However, the Naos wasn’t the only Mionix mouse to be released that day. Introducing the Mionix Avior 7000, a very similar mouse to the Naos, however, it has the ambidextrous design which allows left-handed gamers to game comfortably. Since the mouse is mechanically the same as the Naos as far as technology is concern, we’ll refer you to that review and we’ll speak to the differences here.

Customization: 7

The Avior and the Naos are virtually identical in this area, however, due to the ambidextrous design, there are two additional programmable buttons on the mouse. These buttons are mirrored on both sides of the mouse so whether you grip with the left or the right, you’ll have those two thumb buttons always at your disposal. All of these additional buttons are programmable, so if you wanted to program them, you can. However, we’d suggest just turning them off since clicking them can be awkward.


Value: 9

The Avior 7000 retails for $79.99, which is the same retail price as the Naos 7000. This price point is a reasonable range for a mouse with these features. The rest of the market falls around the $75 dollar price point, so for a few extra dollars, you’ll be able to get your hands on a quality gaming mouse. Especially when you consider that this mouse is a bit bigger and it features an ambidextrous grip, the difference in price should be worth it for most people. If you currently have a standard mouse and you want something that is a little different, or happen to be left-handed, the styling of this mouse shoul appeal to you. Considering it is right in the middle of the pack, it provides a good value for the budget-conscious gamer. We are particularly bullish on this mouse since there aren’t many gaming mice the cater to lefties so when you find one, you have to jump on it.


Features: 8

Here is where we will refer you to our other review. The specifications are exactly the same and it contains the same hardware / software configuration. The only real difference between the two mice is the grip and the Avior contains two additional programmable buttons to compliment both types of grip. Other than these two, mostly antithetical differences, there isn’t much to differentiate the two designs.


Function: 9

This is another place where we will refer you to our review of the Naos. Both mice contain the same hardware so functionally they are identical.


Overall: 8

Overall, the Avior 7000 is a great option for left-handed gamers looking for a new mouse. The design is comfortable, the mouse functions perfectly, and considering that there aren’t many left-handed mice out there, this is a great opportunity to upgrade. If you happen to be right-handed, we would recommend you stick with the Naos 7000, but if you want something that is very practical, adds a lot of value and functional at the same time, the Avior 7000 is the mouse for you. It is because of its practicality, value and versatility that we recommend this mouse for your consideration.

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