Mionix has been taking an aggressive stance in the gaming peripherals market recently with the release of two new gaming mice for all those PC gamers out there. In this review, the Naos 7000 takes center stage as Mionix’s entry into the medium-sized gaming mouse category. If you want something that is a little bigger in size, you should keep reading on.

Customization: 7

The Mionix Naos, like its cousin the Avior, does have a total of four customizable buttons which you can map macros to, in addition to the two main clickable buttons which are also customizable. These buttons are located in pairs on either side of the mouse. The scroll wheel is also next to two other buttons which allow you to change the DPI settings of the laser on the fly. This feature allows you to adjust the sensitive of the mouse to adapt to your playing style. You can have the mouse pick up every subtle movement or you can lower the sensitivity for tasks that don’t require such a high level of precision. This feature is great for those that like to switch between different classes in first person shooters or those that may not want to have to switch out profiles every time you want to change the sensitivity. With only four programmable buttons, you may not want to get this specific mouse for MMO applications, but for most other types of gaming, this should more than suffice. Either way, this mouse should suit most people’s needs without posing much of a problem.


Value: 8

The Naos 7000 retails for $79.99, which is a reasonable range for a mouse with these features. The rest of the market falls around the $75 dollar price point, so for a few extra dollars, you’ll be able to get your hands on a quality gaming mouse. Especially when you consider that this mouse is a bit bigger and more ergonomically styled, the difference in price should be worth it for most people. If you currently have a standard mouse and you want something that is a little different, the styling of this mouse may appeal to you. Considering it is right in the middle of the pack, it provides a good value for the budget-conscious gamer.


Features: 8

From a comfort standpoint, the Naos is a very comfortable mouse to handle. It has a rubberized layer which gives the mouse a soft feel while still maintaining a firm grip no matter how you play. The mouse always stays where you need it and once you place your finger on it, it is staying put even in wet conditions. If you ever played a long gaming session where you were sweating, you’ll know that having this feel and grip on a mouse is crucial.

The mouse also features a fully customizable lighting system which allows for up to 16.8 million LED color options. The color scheme can be controlled using the software provided so no matter what color scheme you chose for your rig, your Mionix Naos 7000 will blend right in. In addition to the color, you can program the mouse’s lighting system to pulse, color shift, blink, breath or fade with a number of built-in lighting modes. Simply choose which pattern you want to display and it is done in a matter of seconds adding to the aesthetic properties of this mouse.

From a more technical aspect, this mouse contains an 7000 DPI optical sensor in the mouse itself. In addition to the sensor, the mouse contains a 32-bit 32 mHz ARM processor. These specs should suit just about any player out there, even if you require a high precision for your style of play though it should be noted that there are more powerful mice out there to chose from. However, the sensor and the processor have plenty of power so most gamers will find this mouse will suit their needs. We found that the mouse responded well in just about every situation we threw at it so we are fairly certain that even the most hardcore gamer will find this mouse does the job. We are confident that this mouse will do whatever you need it to do without any problems whatsoever and that is always a good thing.

This mouse does contain some internal memory to the order of 128 kilobytes. This is enough to store some profiles on the mouse and keep those profiles with the mouse. All this can be done with using the software that came with the mouse. Profiles can be stored, edited and loaded all in the same place. We found the software works well in most situations and as long as you are okay with bringing it up once in a while, you shouldn’t find it cumbersome.

Finally, this mouse does come with a 2 meter long, braided, cloth-covered cable. Having this style of cable works great with gaming since it slides over surfaces well and tends not to get kinked or tangled. We didn’t have any problems with the cable and we are sure you won’t have any issues either.


Function: 9

We found that the Mionix Naos 7000 worked quite well in all situations we tested it with. The Naos 7000 has four teflon pads with allow the mouse to glide over mouse pads quite very easily. The braided cord doesn’t tangle or get caught on the furniture so whether you have a lot of room or you are in a tight space, the mouse will resist getting tangled on your desk. From a technical standpoint, it handled everything we put in front of it without any issues to speak of. The response time was quick, the mouse had enough customization options so there was something for everyone. No matter what style of play you use, the Mionix Naos 7000 will suit your needs and provide a quick, responsive gameplay experience.


Overall: 8

Overall, the Mionix Naos 7000 is an excellent mid-range mouse. It functions well and has a number of high-end options that is sure to appeal to everyone. If you are looking for a new gaming mouse, this is a great option to look at. It is reasonably priced and it even looks cool with a customizable color scheme. It isn’t top of the line, but if you don’t need something like that, this mouse will more than do the job. Therefore, we highly recommend it for anyone looking for a solid gaming mouse

+Good for Big Hands
+Solid Performance
-Could Use More Buttons
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  • Chris

    This mouse has an optical sensor, not a laser sensor.

    • http://www.newgamernation.com Joe Marchese, Editor in Chief

      Thanks for the pick up, I had my notes crossed on the specs but I appreciate the heads up.