Chances are you’ve heard of Logitech and there is a very good reason for that. Logitech is one of the worlds most popular PC peripheral brands and the time has come for Logitech to expand its gaming series with the introduction of the G602 gaming mouse. This mouse is wireless and it is the first mouse to include Logitech’s new Delta Zero technology which claims to improve cursor accuracy, control and battery life. There are several questions that remains including whether or not these claims held up and is this mouse worth your hard-earned money. Well, the tech team at New Gamer Nation is on the case and ready to give you a better idea of what this mouse is all about.


Customization: 8

The main customizable features of the mouse are its 11 macro buttons on the mouse itself. These buttons can be programmed for any task you want to set for it by utilizing the Logitech Gaming Software which is easily downloaded from Logitech.com. There is a default set of functions already programmed into the mouse, but with a few clicks, the entire mouse can be reprogrammed. You can create different profiles for all the different games you play and you can load several profiles on your mouse for easy access without having to launch the software. However, if you have more profiles than your mouse can hold, you can save your profiles to your computer and manage the profiles on your mouse through the gaming software. The process is very user-friendly and switching out profiles takes almost no training at all. The ability to switch between profiles on the fly is great and it gives you the advantage especially if you play a lot of FPS games and switch  between classes a lot.


Value: 8

At an MSRP of $79.99, this mouse is very competitively priced, especially when you look at all the wireless options on the market. The price could very easily jump over the $100 mark but Logitech kept the price reasonable which only benefits the gamers. While this mouse is not the cheapest model on the market, given its feature set, this is a great deal for anyone looking for a new gaming mouse. The only issue with the price is that the mouse runs on AA batteries which keep the cost of the unit higher as time goes on, as opposed to having a built-in rechargeable battery which does not require you to purchase batteries for the mouse.


Features: 9

The Logitech G602 gaming mouse includes several high-end features that were designed to gamers an edge in competitive situations. The team has been hard at work, perfecting what gamers need and implementing it into the device. The first major improvement is the upgraded sensor technology which Logitech calls the Delta Zero sensor technology. It is designed to improve sensor performance while reducing the drain on the batteries. From our experience with the unit, the mouse worked very well with no lag at all. There were several wireless applications that would have some latency that you just had to live with, but this mouse worked well under even the most intense gaming sessions.

The G602 also features an updated, ergonomic design that should fit most right-handed gamers quite well. It also features 11 programmable buttons that are all placed in comfortable positions on the mouse. With just a slight movement of the index finger or thumb and you’ll be able to press all 11 buttons comfortably. However, the biggest selling point for this mouse is the battery life. This unit features a battery life of up to 250 hours in performance mode. If you find yourself not needing the constant communication between the mouse and computer, like surfing the web or using email, then you can switch the mouse into endurance mode. This mode extends the battery even further to a reported 1,440 hours (60 days). This is an extremely long battery life for any battery-powered device, never mind a device that is used as frequently as a mouse. However, it should be noted that this mouse uses two double A batteries instead of an internal battery. This method of powering the device comes with a trade-off that you’ll have to decide for yourself. You’ll always have to buy batteries for this mouse to function, but as long as you are comfortable with that, this mouse is a great buy.

Finally, the mouse is powered by the Logitech Gaming Software which is extremely easy to use. It also allows you to control all your Logitech devices at once so you’ll never have to install several different pieces of software  to control all your hardware. We found that the program was very light-weight and it didn’t take up a lot of resources on our rig. It maps the buttons quickly and lets you get back to what you do best; gaming.

Function: 9

The Logitech G602 worked extremely well for us right out of the box. The installation of the software and the drivers was very easy and the computer did most of the work for us. Within moments we were customizing the mouse and moments after that we were playing our favorite games. Especially because this unit is wireless, there was no running wires which just speeds up the process that much more. Switching profiles was as easy as pressing a button and the software allows you to create as many profiles as you want. This mouse lets you spend as little time possible setting up the mouse which leaves that much more time for gaming and that is all we can ask of a gaming mouse.

Overall: 8.5

Overall, the Logitech G602 is a great gaming mouse and we highly recommend it for anyone in the market for a new mouse. It features a very simple setup process, customization is a breeze and the mouse looks great on your desk. Our only issue with the mouse is the need for external batteries. Even though the mouse only needs batteries once every two months on endurance mode, running out of batteries in the middle of a match is not something gamers will want to deal with. Having a way to plug the mouse in to change it would have made more sense in this application. That issue aside, this mouse is a great option for any gamer so if it sounds like it works for you, get out there and get your unit.

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