Max Payne, the man who has been shot, stabbed, beaten, arrested, betrayed and poisoned is back. He leaves the familiar confines of New York City and moves on to a new, more tropical location: Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In Max Payne 3, Max has left the United States behind. After the turmoil of the last two installments of the series, Max has a lot on his plate and his sanity has gone from bad to worse. Max has found himself working for a private security company that is in charge of keeping a wealthy local family, the Brancos, safe. Max was hoping that this new arrangement would keep him occupied and away from his problems.
The wife of Rodrigo Branco is kidnapped by a street gang and Max is thrown into a war with a South American drug cartel. A shadowy conspiracy engulfs every clue Max upturns in the Sao Paulo society.
Rockstar will be bringing back the original voice actor of Max, Payne James McCaffrey, for this new game. Fans can expect the traditional, third-person shooter style the previous games in the series.  Fans can also expect the reincarnation of “Bullet-Time” which has been loved by shooter fans.
Rockstar will be utilizing the Euphoria physics engine which has not been seen in any other Rockstar game before. The developers are promising seamless and continuous gameplay, where loading screens are eliminated and the cut scenes will transition seamlessly into gameplay.
Max Payne 3 will be bringing something new to the series in the form of multiplayer. Yes that is correct, Max Payne will have online multiplayer maps and modes that will unlock rewards and ranks. A new clan system called “Crews” will also be implemented where your friends can join you in your quest to dominate.
Max Payne 3 will be released on May 15th 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and May 29th for Windows.

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