New York Comic Con 2012: Silent Hill: Revelations 3D Panel – New Gamer Nation

The panel began with a 3D trailer of the film. Then actress Adelaide Clemens, actor (of Game of Thrones fame) Kit Harrington, producer Samuel Hadida and director Michael J. Bassett were introduced.

Adelaide stated that she appreciated the mythology and respected the physicality of working on the set.

Michael J. Bassett stated that his favorite Silent Hill game was 3. Oddly enough, he also mentioned that his favorite type of game was a FPS and that his favorite console was PC. He stated he disliked bad video game movies and respected the depth that Konami gave to the Silent Hill franchise, the Easter Eggs and mythology.

When someone asked whether Bassett was willing to direct a Bioshock film, he replied that he was willing.

They ended the panel with a mannequin chase.

I have some doubts about the movie, because everything is too bright lit in the trailer i.e. an odd technical choice by Asylum or a theme park kid friendly ride. It looked more exotic, rather than scary. Furthermore, I spoke to Matthew Schuchman of the film criticism website Gene Shalit’s Mustache, who stated “the acting sucked.”

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