Metal Gear Solid fans are well aware of David Hayter, but for those that don’t he was the voice of Big Boss, Solid Snake’s Commanding Officer. Hideo Kojima has just announced that David Hayter will not be reprising his role in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Hayter confirmed the news with the following tweet:

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Konami has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid V is due out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but a specific date was not revealed at this time.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think, are you upset over Hayter not coming back to the franchise? Sound off below.

UPDATE: An online, fan-run petition has started to circulate around the web urging Kojima to work things out with Hayter. If you are interested in signing the petition, it can be found HERE.

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  • Jason Rose

    You know, I’m fine with this. Big Boss is not Snake and we know the voices change. Hayter’s voice really did suffer in the more recent Metal Gears and regardless of what is said now, I’m sure if and when Solid Snake is revisited they’ll have Hayter right there.

    I think he’s being a bit of a spoiled sport about this.

  • Mallatid

    Will not buy

    • Joe Marchese

      If you don’t mind, how long have you been playing MGS that if one of the original voice actors didn’t come back you wouldn’t buy the game?

  • Trackrap

    Fun fact, David Hayter was so deticated to bringing fans the authentic Metal Gear experience that he gave up half his Paycheck on The twin Snakes just to get the original voice cast back together. Sorry but I tiger to turn my back on such detication. I encourage anyone to who supports David haute to take to tweeting and emailing Konami/Kojima. Let’s right this injustice.

    • Joe Marchese

      Definitely a fun fact, thanks for sharing. I would encourage everyone who is upset with the move to tweet kojima too. You’d be surprised what kind of impact you can have with just a few tweets.

      • Trackrap

        Thank so, sorry for the poor spelling and grammar, I was typing on a cell phone. At any rate, I would highly recommend this site run an article with the link to the petition that has begun to circulate around the internet. Hopefully we can get this thing huge! Thanks for listening.

  • Timmy senson

    Listen everyone take to this petition let’s see if we can’t get this injustice righted. To the author please put a website link of the prion up so it will get more trafic, Thank You.

    • Joe Marchese

      Happily, updated

  • XV

    Lame, seriously lame. How can we get David Hayter back?