The critical reception to Aliens: Colonial Marines has been abysmal. When you see Gearbox’s name on the cover of the box, it makes you wonder why this game was so bad. Then the reports came in that Gearbox wasn’t the only developer working on the game came out and things started to make more sense.

When Sega was confronted about the possibility that Gearbox was not the main lead on the project, Sega snapped back denying the reports. Then they said “Other studios helped Gearbox on the production of single and multiplayer.” Specifics of the split have not been released but we do know that Gearbox, TimeGate, Demiurge Studios and Nerve Software were involved in some capacity. When Gearbox was asked about the split,  Randy Pitchford, Studio Head of Gearbox, said that TimeGate contributed 20-25 per cent of the game’s overall development time.

Now the story has been circulating, reports have been flooding out of all the studios involved and it seems that Gearbox may have only developed half the game.

Sega has refused to comment further on the matter but it seems the cat is already out of the bag. How do you feel about this? Are you surprised to learn Gearbox only did some of the work? Let us know below.

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  • Ajax057

    Just another crappy title that needed to finally come out so fans would stop bugging sega. They just needed someone to seal it up to call it a game and their scapegoat was Gearbox