Way back when the big three video game companies were planning on releasing the new consoles to the market, Microsoft was the first one to release their Xbox 360 console. For almost a year they had a head start over the other systems. Since Microsoft has had a year head start over it competitors, they have a lot more games on the market, some grea,t some not so great. With all those games on the market for such a long time, we are here to help you get a great deal on a great game. Here is my list of the top 5 games under $25 for Xbox 360.

5. Mass Effect – Back in 2007, Mass Effect was developed by BioWare and it changed the way people played RPGs. With the updated conversation system and the way your actions change how the story unfolds it’s no wonder that this title spawned one of the most successful RPG titles to date.

4. Halo Reach – Before there was Call of Duty there was HALO. The first person shooter that brought us fast, action-packed storytelling and a massive online community that has evolved the way we look at online shooters forever.

3. Gears of War – Fight along the Delta Squad as they fight a desperate, last-ditch effort to save the remaining human inhabitants of Sera from a relentless unstoppable enemy known as the Locust Horde.

2. BioShock – Lets head back to 1960, where you are the only survivor of a plane crash. Your name is Jack, and you  must explore the underwater city of Rapture. Along the way you will have to survive attacks by the mutated beings and mechanical drones that populate it. BioShock combines the Survival Horror genre with RPGs that makes this game a must have.

1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Now Skyrim maybe the hottest open world RPG on the market today but before there was Skyrim there was Oblivion. Oblivion revolves around the player efforts to defeat a cult known as the “Mythic Dawn” that plans to open the gates to a realm called “Oblivion”.

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  • I am trying to think of some other games to put on this list but this shit is pretty solid……

    I mean I wouldn’t be mad if Assassin’s Creed II was there. Though, Dead Space boy is that game worth every cent under 25.