Top 5 lists are always difficult to create because it ultimately it means you have to chose some of the games in your library over others.  I have been an avid gamer for over 20 years now and it was extremely difficult to create my Top 5 all time games list.  For this purpose, I decided that I could not include an entire series as one of my choices.  In a future article I will provide my top gaming series, but because of this decision I had leave out sporting games like the Madden football games.  Be sure comment below on what you would put in as your Top 5 games of all time.

5.  Civilization III

Civilization III was the first computer game that I enjoyed over a console game.  I played the game on the families’ first home computer, running Windows 95.  The third installment of the series was not designed by Sid Meier.  Instead, it was Jeff Briggs and Soren Johnson who took over creative control. Civilization III was an updated version of the previous Civilization games, where players built an empire from the ground up and lead it until a winner could be declared.  There were six ways to win including a win by total domination or space victory.  What a great game.

4.  Streets of Rage 2

Streets of Rage 2 was released for the Sega Genesis system in 1992.   This game gave players the choice of four playable characters.  Axel, Blaze, Max and Skate all had different traits and special moves to help defeat the enemies and mega bosses at the end of each level.  Players had to work their way through eight grueling levels in order to take down Mr. X, a crime boss, who has taken Skate’s older brother hostage.  Streets of Rage 2 was the best game in the series.

3.  Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was my favorite game in the GTA series.  You can read my Top 5 Rockstar games hereGrand Theft Auto: Vice City was released in 2002 for the Playstation 2 and 2003 for Xbox, PC and Mac. This open world game was set in a fictional city called Vice City during the 1980’s. This game was met with all the classic features you would expect of GTA games. Players could follow the missions or partake in several devious side activities. While this was very similar to the previous Grand Theft Auto games, it improved in two very important aspects. First, gamers could now ride motorcycles. How awesome! Second, the sound track was full 80’s songs which enhanced the atmosphere.

2.  Halo 2

Halo 2 was the reason I left the Playstation family to become an Xbox player for life.  Halo 2 was an Xbox exclusive that was released in 2004.  This first person shooter picked up where Master Chief left off in Halo Combat Evolved.   Halo 2 added to the story by allowing players to play as the alien Arbiter.  The game won over many gamers by adding a multiplayer mode.  The game was a huge success for Microsoft and Xbox platform and managed to solidify a spot on my top 5 list.

1. Max Payne 3

I was worried about being a prisoner of the now, but after playing this game, I must say, it was the best game I have ever played.  Our Editor and Chief Joe, has written fantastic review that explains what makes the game so great.  Be sure to check it out here.

Honorable mentions include Just Cause 2, Pilot Wings 64, Driver: You Are the Wheelman, and Star Wars: Rouge Squadron.

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    I have the PC version of Max Payne 3 pre-ordered and it’s out tonight, this just makes me even more excited for it. Good list!

  • PCS

    Thanks! Youll love it