Rockstar games have been instrumental in my gaming life. They have produced hit after hit across a multitude of platforms since they were founded back in 1998. Their games have been loved by gamers of all ages across the globe. Their open world style provides gamers with limitless game play and it’s a great change up from the first person shooters many of us play today.  With their pending release of Max Payne 3, we at New Gamer Nation decided to pay homage with Rockstar’s top 5 all time games. But first take a look the link below to catch up with a preview of Max Payne 3.

5. Midnight Club Street Edition – Midnight Club was the gaming prequel to The Fast and Furious movies. The game had its players climb the import underground racing scene. Players raced through the streets of London and New York City. Wining each race provided players with the ability to upgrade their cars performance. It was one of the most popular racing games of its time and was originally available for play on the Playstation 2 and the Game Boy Advance.

4. L.A. NoireL.A. Noire was completely unexpected based on what Rockstar games were like up to that point. L.A. Noire still provided gamers with an open world feel, however, the game was still mission based. The game incorporated a new gaming technology that forced a gamer to pay attention to the smallest details. This new technology called MotionScan used 32 cameras to record the actor’s facial expressions. The game itself followed a post World War II veteran Cole Phelps as he ascends the ranks of the LAPD. You helped Cole solve crimes by looking for clues at the crime scene and interviewing the witnesses. You had to read the faces of the witness to make sure you asked the right questions and got the information you needed to solve the case. The game is available to play on the Playstation 3, PC and the Xbox 360.

3. Max Payne – On a personal level, this one of the first games that I had completed in its entirety. Max Payne is a third person shooter that follows the self titled character. Max is an NYPD detective who comes home from work to find his wife and child murdered. If that’s not enough, he has also been framed for the death of his partner. The gameplay follows Max through the game as he attempts to take down the drug ring that ruined his life. Like L.A. Noire, this game also utilizes a new technology at the time called “bullet time” which put the game into slow motion and it made for plenty of memorable moments. This unique style of the game play made the game a must have.

2. Red Dead Redemption – This action packed western series was originally started on the Playstation 2 and Xbox gaming systems as a game called Red Dead Revolver. The next game in the series, Red Dead Redemption, was released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in 2010. The game follows a man named John Marston who is on a hunt to kill the members of his former gang. Doing so will reunite him with his family and let him lead the peaceful life he has wanted. Riding horses, engaging in duels, playing poker, and hunting animals all made this game great. This game won numerous awards and was recognized as one of the best games of the year. Unfortunately, it lands at number 2 on my top 5 list.

1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityGrand Theft Auto: Vice City was released in 2002 for the Playstation 2 and 2003 for Xbox, PC and Mac. This open world game was set in a fictional city called Vice City during the 1980’s. This game was met with all the classic features you would expect of GTA games. Players could follow the missions or partake in several devious side activities. While this was very similar to the previous Grand Theft Auto games, it improved in two very important aspects. First, gamers could now ride motorcycles. How awesome! Second, the sound track was full 80’s songs which enhanced the atmosphere. Those two reasons make this game number 1 on my list of Top 5 Rockstar games.


The main purpose of a list is to create a conversation.  What do you think of my list?  Have you own?  Post it below or leave us a comment.  And be sure to follow me on twitter @PCS_4_NGN.

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  • Dan Twin

    No Bully or Manhunt? Also as much as i loved Vice City, San Andreas managed to beat it for me personally.

    • PCS

      Those two games did not even make my top 7. I had to cut out The Warriors and State of Emergency

      • PCS

        Never fully got into San Andreas

  • I loved all I can do in San Andreas, it was almost a fully customizable character, and very rarely did I see 2 CJ’s that looked the same. Add into the fact that San Andreas was so diverse when you traveled. It was a mix of country, and big city. The country parts were a nice place to get away from everything, the desert was wide open, the Los Santos was a fun place to get in trouble, San Fiero was a great place to just speed and drive, and Las Venturas was always fun for gambling.

    That and I LOVED the soundtrack in San Andreas.