San Diego Comic Con brought about some news for those looking forward to playing Injustice 2. First up, Wonder Woman is returning to the Injustice franchise just in time for her 75th anniversary. This version of Wonder Woman will combine her long range Lasso attacks with quick hitting sword combos makes her an “even more powerful brawler than before.” Also, a new character will make their debut in Injustice 2 in Blue Beetle. With his alien technology allows him to form various gadgets and weapons for his power suit that make him a well-rounded, jack of all trades character that can be effective up close and from afar. This appears to be the Jamie Reyes version of the character, but you can see both characters in action in the trailer below.

Studio head Ed Boon was asked about the possibility the Red Hood character appearing in the game and only that there was “absolutely a chance.” Boon also noted of the game’s roster, “We go so deep into the DC roster of characters, if you tried to guess ten characters in the game, I bet you’d get seven out of ten right.”

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